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Bertazzoni REF36PIXR 36 Inch Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

MSRP: $17,979.00
Our Price: $13,499.00

Bertazzoni REF36PIXR Built-In 17.7 Cu.Ft RH Bottom Freezer Refrigerator FlexMode Fridge-Freezer Convertible Stainless Steel
Bertazzoni REF36PIXR Bottom Freezer Refrigerator FlexMode Fridge-Freezer Convertible RH White aluminum Interior, Glass Shelves, LED Lights 36” BUILT-IN FRIDGE BOT. MOUNT PANEL INSTAL. RIGHT. Built to last All metal and glass construction inside and out for longer durability and better temperature management Perfect illumination LED surround lighting Full-clad stainless steel door with proprietary hinge solution developed long term door alignment and balance A place for everything Full-width drawer with dedicated digital setting for meat, fish and vegetables Two extra large humidity-controlled crispers 6 tempered glass shelves with spill-proof edges Folding top shelf for taller items Doors with gallon-size storage bins Keeps food fresher longer Optimized NO-FROST airflow design on 5 levels for precise temperature control and longer food preservation Super-freeze mode option for 20% faster freezing cycle of fresh food Versatile food storage Full-width humidity-controlled crisper for longer preservation and better taste Doors with gallon-size storage bins Extra-deep frezer drawer Dual compressor and evaporator Dedicated variable speed compressor for fridge and freezer compartment Optimal temperature control Superior humidity control in crisper Ideal freezer temperature quality Shock freezing possible Lateral airflow system Side mounted evaporator and air guidance system Maintains precision temperature inside even when opened frequently Cold air does not escape when the door is opened thanks to lateral air flow Category-leading space - largest front-to-back fridge and freezer depth Optimized for continuing freshness Dual variable-speed compressors and dual evaporators Lateral airflow design ensures better temperature control by reducing cold air loss when opening doors Automatic ice-maker with filter and custom ice-cube size selection Super-freeze mode option for 20% faster freezing cycle of fresh food Automatic ice-maker Automatic ice maker with removable tray Never run out of ice - 2.8 lbs of ice production in 24 hours Precision-controlled freshness Optimal temperature and humidity control with separate NO-FROST airflow design for fridge and freezer Three crispers with dedicated controls for temperature and humidity Super-freeze mode option for 20% faster freezing cycle of fresh food.
Bertazzoni REF36PIXR 36” BUILT-IN FRIDGE BOT. MOUNT PANEL INSTAL. RIGHT 8056772407570. Bertazzoni Refrigeration: Timeless cool Refrigerators are a core building block of every kitchen. Bertazzoni offers a wide range of applications, sizes and installation options, which are all harmonized by design to match the entire kitchen appliance suite. versatile and efficient Bertazzoni refrigerators are available as built-in 84” columns and bottom mount models, as well as freestanding with french doors or bottom freezers. Built-in models come ready for custom kitchen panels, or with stainless doors and handle matching the other appliances in your kitchen. They can be installed proud or flush with the cabinets, bringing your personal style to the kitchen. The 36" French door, 31" and 24" freestanding stainless front models are available with handles for Professional, Master and Heritage Series.

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